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The Financial Planning Process
The initial data collection phase is the greatest barrier clients tend to have when completing a Comprehensive Financial Plan.  But once that is done, you only need to inform me of changes to your circumstances.  Otherwise I will take care of the rest, including continuous advice, updates and annual reviews.

Please find below the general steps taken when completing AND implementing a Comprehensive Financial Plan;

  • Engagement

    • Initial discussion to ensure interests are aligned and it will be a mutually beneficial relationship

    • Disclosure of Financial Planning Process, roles and responsibilities of both parties

    • Disclosure of compensation and potential conflicts of interest

  • Collection of Data

    • A face-to-face discovery meeting or call to review your current financial situation and identify goal and objectives

    • Collection of account statements, insurance policies, list of assets, liabilities, expenses, incomes, etc. for the preparation of analysis

  • Analysis of Data and Creation of Financial Plan

    • I take the information and construct a Comprehensive Financial Plan which analyses each of the Six Pillars of financial health to identify any deficiencies or opportunities that are related to your goals and objectives

    • Recommendations and next steps are provided at the end of the Plan

  • Plan Presentation

    • I present the Plan and its findings to you and answer any questions

    • We review the recommendations and action plan to discuss a time frame for each step and follow up

  • Monitor and Review

    • Annual review and updating of the Plan to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed

    • Client can (and should) let me know as soon as possible of any material changes to the information used in the Plan so that an update can be done​​​​​​​​

    • Special circumstance amendments to plans

      • Thinking about a new vehicle or home renovation?  I can help you choose between financing options as well as let you know how that spending would effect your overall financial picture​

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