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About Reid Wealth Management

About Reid Wealth Management

Reid Wealth Management is based on the values of Trust and Adding Value to clients' lives.  As a fiduciary, I must act in your best interest and if there is a conflict of interest I must disclose that conflict.  I base all decisions on careful analysis of your personal and unique financial circumstance to deliver you a clear and concise vision for your future.    

I started Reid Wealth Management after years of working at a bank owned wealth management firm where I felt the client was often left behind or forgotten as a stakeholder in the business.  When the focus of the business is to consolidate customers assets and debts, a strategy called increasing their share of your wallet, conflicts between the interests of the clients and the firm's profits can exist.  

Instead of spending the majority of my time trying to swoon your banking business, your mortgage, your credit cards, loans, your investment accounts, etc., etc. so that I can you sell you products, I want to be spending my time learning about you, your family, your desires and your reservations in order to build a long and fruitful relationship built on me providing advice based off of what is truly best for you.


Being an independent Advisor has allowed me relief from the pressure of sales targets, selling company specific products (instead of the best products available from any firm) and the perpetual push to add more clients hindering the ability to service your existing clients adequately.  This also provides me with more time to spend on regular client contact to give you the reassurance and positive reinforcement that your efforts and hard work will pay off and that your plan is on track.

Trust is essential in any relationship, but even more so when one party in the relationship is providing financial guidance to the other.  A lot of people do not have a close, confident relationship with their current financial and/or investment manager.  I pride myself on honesty, competence and professionalism and I know that my services provide great economic and emotional value to my clients. 


My experience and education in Wealth Management allow me to provide you with an in depth, fair and objective opinion of your financial position and offer solutions which are best suited to meet your goals.  My success is measured in the ability to help you reach your financial goals and freedom while providing frequent coaching and commentary to keep you informed and feeling confident.


Regulatory Standing

Insurance License - please follow the link to view my Financial Services Commission of Ontario                                       (FSCO) status

Certified Financial Planning ® Professional designation - please follow the link to view my FP                                                                                                             Canada status

IIROC Advisor Report - please follow link and search my name for IIROC Advisor Report


Craig Reid - Founder

Craig Reid is an Investment Advisor with Manulife Securities Incorporated who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING ® professional and is Life Insurance and Accident & Sickness Insurance Licensed (LLQP).  Craig previously worked for 15 years at a leading Canadian Retail Wealth Management Firm mainly focused on High Net Worth clients.


Manulife Securities Incorporated

Manulife Securities has $39 billion* in assets under administration and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial – a leading Canada-based financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States. Manulife Securities advisors are financial professionals that can offer an array of solutions to help meet your individual needs. Craig Reid is licensed to operate under Manulife Securities Incorporated and can offer insurance solutions through Manulife Securities Insurance Inc

*As of June 30, 2018

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