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Investment Management

Investment Management can come in many different forms and strategies.  A Comprehensive Financial Plan helps develop the parameters to which your personalized investment strategy can be built upon.  By identifying and quantifying your financial goals I am able to use your current asset levels and expected savings rates to calculate the required rate of return on your investments needed to reach your goals.  I would then compare your risk tolerance to the expected risk of a portfolio that would typically earn your required rate of return to ensure the required asset mix is suitable for your risk tolerance.  Finally I would construct a one of a kind, customized portfolio designed to perform to your required rate of return standard while within the comfort of your risk tolerance levels.  The asset allocation across your taxable and tax sheltered accounts would be optimized to minimize annual tax from investment gains and income to enhance your after-tax returns.


A thorough review of all of your current investment assets is necessary to get a clear picture of your overall asset allocation and risk exposure.  I can provide consolidated analysis of all of your holdings (both managed by myself and those managed by other Advisors) which will show a detailed investment breakdown including historical performance, risk characteristics and investment management performance metrics.  This allows me to ensure I have a detailed picture of the following;

  • Risk Tolerance

  • Time Horizon

  • Investment Objectives

  • Current Asset Allocation and Diversification

  • Expected/Required Rate of Return on Investments

Points of Interest

  • Current Asset Allocation vs Target Asset Allocation

  • Current Risk Exposure vs Target Risk Exposure

  • Suitability of Investment Products for Objectives and Time Horizon

  • Costs and Tax Efficiency of Portfolio

  • Beneficiary Designations, Joint Ownership, Trusts for Tax and Estate Planning Purposes

  • Optimization of Planned Deposits (RRSPs vs TFSA, etc.)

  • Registered Education Savings Plans

    • Canadian Education Savings Grant​

  • Registered Disability Savings Plan​

    • Disability Tax Credit​

All of the client's assets should be considered when building portfolios to ensure proper diversification and avoid undesired concentration in similar investment products and companies
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