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The Value of Financial Planning
Comprehensive Financial Plans help provide a clear path to achieving your financial goals in the most efficient manner possible allowing you to focus on enjoying life

Do you know your household's weekly or monthly cash flow position?  Your current net worth?  Do you have well defined financial goals or a target retirement age and lifestyle?  Thinking of these big picture issues can illicit feelings of anxiety for many people. 

Reid Wealth Management focuses on each household's individual circumstances to provide customized analysis of your income streams and expenses in order to provide a clear savings and investment strategy to help you achieve your goals.  The addition of risk management, tax and estate planning provides you with a holistic wealth management plan that helps you stay focused on the long-term goals while giving you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a secure financial future.

Having worked the past 15 years in the retail investment industry I am familiar with the many emotions that people have about money and wealth.  Individuals from all levels of wealth have concerns about the uncertainty of the future and these unknowns can take away from your overall enjoyment of life.  A Comprehensive Financial Plan should be everyone's first step in addressing your worries by implementing a viable plan to achieve your goals.  Annual reviews will keep you on track and help you stay on course during periods of market volatility or changes to your financial situation.

Our Comprehensive Financial Plans focus on the following topics;

  • Cash Flow & Financial Management

  • Asset & Investment Management

  • Tax Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Risk Management & Insurance

  • Estate Planning

I am able to provide a full plan and review, or can focus on any mix of topics that are of particular concern to you or one of your friends or family members.  I accept clients of any size and flexible fee options based on individual financial circumstances which drive the complexity of the plan and services needed.  All services are included for clients with investments under management in their investment fee service agreement.

Reid Wealth Management demonstrates it's core values of trust and relationship building by understanding the importance of earning your confidence by presenting our comprehensive, value-added service instead of looking for a quick sell of a cookie cutter financial plan and related products with no follow up.  My goal with every client relationship is to develop long-term plans and advice that will be there to guide you through to the last phases of life where everything is paid for and all plans have come to fruition.


I encourage you to Contact  me, via email if preferred, and feel free to ask a question or concern that may be on your mind.  I will be happy to provide some general guidance on the situation and have open dialogue with you with no commitment or consideration required from you.  If my skills and services match with your needs, and the relationship is right, then we would move to formalize the services required.

The Six Pillars of Financial Planning

Calculate Savings
Financial Management
Display of Stock Market Quotes
Investment Management
Men with Calculator
Tax         Planning
Meditation by the Sea
Retirement Planning
Folding Sign
Risk            Management
Happy Family in Nature
Estate      Planning
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